My Second Book – Scraps Plus One!

FinalCOVERLoMore is good!

A few years ago, a most amazing quilt show was on display for just a few short weeks in New York City. A collection of red and white quilts–650 of them–all from one woman’s collection. The inspiring display started the creative juices flowing.

Since the high contrast of red and white was so stunning, what if, instead of red fabrics, scraps were paired with white? Wouldn’t that create the same effect?

Scraps and white, then merged into scraps and black, then scraps plus a technique, or an inspiration print. Scraps plus one other “whatever” became the theme for the second ScrapTherapy book.

All the projects in the second book incorporate scraps–cut up and organized following the same process found in ScrapTherapy, Cut the Scraps!–plus one other element for a collection of must-make scrap quilt projects.

Use your favorite leftover fabric scraps in 20 more projects. Anecdotes, personal stories, easy-to-follow instructions make this a gotta-have book for your sewing studio. Ease the guilt of accumulating scrap fabrics while treating yourself to something new to spur inspiration.

Want it now? Follow the links below to purchase the book from major booksellers. Or better still, run out to your favorite independent quilt shop, and ask for the book there. While you’re there, pick up a couple of yards of fabric (why not!) – tell ’em that little hummingbird sent you. Or go to the shopping cart to place your order. You’ll be cutting, organizing, and sewing your scraps and one other ‘something’ into a beautiful quilt before you know it!