Course Objectives, Avocado

The colorful floral print is one of the two quilt fabric options you'll see in my samples throughout this course

Now that the formalities are behind us, let's have some fun!

Welcome to the Avocado Study in Colour Quilt Block Course.

For Mia Rosa, the prerequisite course for any of the advanced Stitchery Crossover courses, we used a chart that was specifically designed with an empty space between the center motif and the border for the quilt fabric border.

Get ready to take your Stitchery Crossover skills to the next level.

The Avocado Study in Colour Quilt block course will walk you through the process to  use a stitchery chart that was not designed for the Stitchery Crossover technique. The result will be a Stitchery Crossover quilt block that incorporates, from the inside out, a center motif, a quilt fabric border, a stitched border, and a quilt fabric outer border, without using a chart that's planned for a spaces and quilt borders.

Each Study in Colour block course (each course sold separately) will include detailed stitch sequence suggestions and bonus technique instructions featuring elements from the featured Study in Colour chart.

One, A Few, or All Twelve

Choose one or more Study in Colour Blackwork block courses, or embark on a longer-term project to make all twelve featured Study In Colour blocks to make a quilt.

For each course, you will be in charge of choosing your stitchery fabric (including color and stitch count), your quilt fabric or fabrics, and color and brand of fibers used for your unique project. At the same time, you'll take advantage of the tools in your Mia Rosa Stitchery Crossover kit for the technique elements.

Make one block following the instructions in this course. Make multiples of this block for bigger projects. Select a handful of courses, each featuring a different block chart. Choose all 12 courses to make a 12-block quilt. Go rogue and choose from the many other Study in Colour charts not featured within these courses to apply the the lessons you've learned to create blocks and projects. The choices truly are endless.

Resources and step-by-step instructions will guide you through constructing your block  from start to finish.

The next three topics provide an overview of what's to come, followed by a review of supplies you have and supplies you'll need for the block. After that we'll get stitching!

Once again, welcome to the next exciting step in your Stitchery Crossover journey.