Basic Block Construction



Once we've discussed supplies and resources in the next lesson, the course will present suggested paths to stitch the blackwork block efficiently.

For the Mia Rosa course or the Piazze course, we skipped the calculation to place a stitched border between fabric borders because these charts were specifically designed with space between stitching for quilt fabric borders. The focus for those prerequisite courses was to learn the Stitchery Crossover technique and steps.

The Study in Colour charts provide the next easiest way to create a Stitchery Crossover block without math!

For this course, we'll stitch the chart as created . . . except. . . we'll leave out a part of the design within the chart. The space left unstitched creates the space for a quilt fabric border.

In this course, we'll explore the pattern/chart in depth and look at each stitched element carefully to find a stitching path that sets the stage for success (and for pure, relaxing stitchy enjoyment!).

For any type of counted stitchery, counting is critical! But finding and stitching 'the skeleton' makes it easier to fill in the muscle as you complete the block in sections.

This will make a lot more sense when we start stitching. I promise!