Bonus Lesson, Avocado


If the block itself isn't exciting enough, how 'bout this: each Study in Colour chart contains border elements that can easily add to an existing stitchery project.

If you've got a SQUARE stitchery project stuffed in a drawer, fully stitched but not finished, this is a chance to make that project shine!

Couple things, for this lesson if you're digging out an incomplete project from your historical stash, the center motif must be square, or 'square enough' to allow for a stitched border of four equal-length sides to be added to the project. Plus, there needs to be at least  2 inches of unstitched stitchery fabric encircling the motif for this bonus lesson.

If you don't have anything that fits that bill, don't worry. If you want to try the bonus technique on a small project, I have an adorable Chickadee chart (like the sneaky-peek photo shown above) available for purchase, along with a short supply list.

By the way . . .yep! There's math involved! But think of the possibilities once you master this bonus lesson!

Don't worry too much about the bonus project just yet, we've got a lot of stitching to do first. I want to keep you as excited as I am about what's to come.

(And I'm such a tease . . . but you already knew that!)