Finishing Suggestions


Once you've completed the stitching on your Stitchery Crossover in Color block, we'll do a quick review of the Crossover steps, so you can crossover your block with quilt fabric borders. However, if your Crossover skills are a little rusty, you would be well-advised to review the steps from the Mia Rosa Course or from the Piazza Course for in-depth detail.

This course objective is to make the block. Completing the block into a project will be entirely up to you.

Blocks may be finished in a variety of ways. Table toppers, runners, quilts, pillows, bags. There are tons of potential projects that can be made from your Stitchery Crossover in Color blocks.

We'll learn that many variables - stitchery fabric thread count, block trim size, added or deleted rows of stitching - will create endless block variations from one person to the next.

I'll make suggestions for your blocks and bonus blocks, but you'll have lots of latitude to finish your block or blocks into a project as you wish!

What do I need? How much Fabric?

In the next few lessons, you'll have a complete shopping list, including the supplies you can used from your previous Stitchery Crossover projects.

We'll also discuss how much fabric you'll need for just a block or two or for a 12-block quilt, along with some tips for selecting your fabrics for what could be a long-term endeavor.