New Supplies Needed


Now that we've gone through your kit. Perhaps you've started a shopping list of notions you need for this next Stitchery Crossover adventure. . . .

Time to Shop!

By the end of this section, you'll be armed with advice on each item you'll need and you'll have a shopping list so you can make the necessary purchases for your short-term or long-term Stitchery Crossover in Color project!

The topics in this lesson will provide sage advice about fabrics, fibers, and colors. Once we've completed the topics in this lesson, you'll have a shopping and check list so you can stay organized.

Each lesson in this section offers tips, quantities, and some suggested resources for each element you'll need for your Stitchery Crossover in Color project. When quantities are involved, I'll provide recommendations for fabric and other product quantities needed to make one block as well as quantities to make 12 blocks (for a quilt).

You probably already know, shopping for quilt and stitchery supplies can be expensive. I strongly recommend you purchase the best quality fabrics, threads and supplies that your budget can support. 'Shopping' in your stash is perfectly okay, too!

If you're buying new materials, I encourage you to support local independent quilt shops or stitchery/needlework shops whenever possible. Since I realize not every community has a favorite local shop, unless otherwise noted, I'll provide online resources that I've used and any pros and cons I've experienced. If your favorite online merchant isn't mentioned, that's not a negative, it just means I can't speak from personal experience to recommend them.

Coordinate Your Choices

Quilt fabric, stitching fabric, and stitching thread go hand-in-hand, so you may want to review all the topics in this lesson before filling up your shopping cart.

If You Don't Love It, Don't Choose It!

Perhaps the most important recommendation I can make for this supply-aquisition step is to keep in mind that the Stitchery Crossover technique is a slow, hands-on stitching method. Choose your supplies for your Stitchery Crossover in Color being mindful that it could take months to complete a smaller project or a year or more to complete a larger project such as a 12-block quilt.

If you make a selection and don't absolutely love your choice, that won't get better over time. Choose colors and fabrics that make your heart sing, so you can be excited every time you pick up your needle and thread!

Ready? Set. . . Shop!