Study in Colour Chart, Avocado

Before you were granted access to this course, you had to purchase the Blackwork Chart, Study In Colour, Avovado by Peppermint Purple.

As the lessons progress to the stitching suggestions, the photos of the stitching steps may be revealing. By agreeing to purchase the chart ahead of this course, all is well with the copyright rules. As always, please don't share copyrighted materials - either course materials or chart designs - with others.



In this section, we'll learn a bit about the Study in Colour designs, and learn about their Author, Clare Ardali and her company Peppermint Purple.

From there, we'll make some comparisons to the two prerequisite course patterns, then do a bit of review on blackwork.

After that, it'll be time to get stitching!

Avocado, Cranberry, and Hazel, Oh My!

A word or two about the chart names . . . When I start a new stitchy project, if I'm following a detailed color chart, I make a list of the DMC color *numbers* to pull the threads needed for the project either from my stash or to make a list for the next trip to the embroidery shop.

But, did you know that each one of the DMC color numbers is also identified by color name?

Each of the Study in Colour charts is named after the DMC color name - such as 'avocado' or 'cranberry.'

Perhaps it goes without saying that because the chart is identified by color doesn't mean that you need to use that color and only that color to stitch the chart.