Meet Clare from Peppemint Purple

As a quilter and quilt pattern designer, I am a needle worker, but I only dabble in very simple needlework design.

Therefore, when I searched for a stitchery designer to help me create the perfect pattern for the first of two prerequisite starting Stitchery Crossover projects, I found Clare.

Clare ArdaliClare Ardali, owner of Peppermint Purple based in Old Windsor, United Kingdom, is passionate about blackwork design.

Clare's designs include both Blackwork and Cross Stitch, all with a fresh, modern feel.

While exploring Clare's designs on her website, I was drawn to the Study in Colour charts and immediately thought they had huge possibilities for the Stitchery Crossover technique.

Each masterful Study in Colour chart is filled with layers and layers of Blackwork designs encircling a center motif. Each chart has the potential to become multiple variations with infinite potential in the Stitchery Crossover world.

Each Stitchery Crossover in Color Block course will feature one of Clare's Study in Colour designs as the main ingredient for the featured quilt block. Plus we'll explore parts of the design in a different bonus project connected to each stand-alone course.

The Study in Colour charts are wildly fun to stitch, especially when you learn to look for the basic pattern lines and intricate fillers as you stitch each one.

As we create each block, each of the Stitchery Crossover in Color will provide a stitchy plan to make the stitching relaxing and enjoyable. However, keep in mind that there are no absolute right or wrong techniques for Stitchery.