Supplies You May Already Have

Supplies from the Mia Rosa Kit


Grab your Mia Rosa Stitchery Crossover kit, and we'll pick through your supplies for the things you'll need for the Stitchery Crossover in Color blocks.

  • 9" Hoop. I like stitching in a hoop. And as luck would have it, the 9" Morgan hoop will work nicely with the Study in Colour charts. If you don't like the hoop, other alternatives include stitching 'in hand' or using a scroll frame.
  • Easy Glide Tapestry Needle. Love these! Keep them handy!
  • Embroidery Snips. We've got lots more thread to snip!
  • Your Nest® Thread Nest Floss Bobbins. If you haven't used them up on other projects, you may have a few left for the your stitching fiber selection (more on that shortly). If you need more bobbins, I know where you can get some.
  • Frixion Highlighter. We won't use it as much, but keep it handy, just in case.
  • 12-wt. Cotton Quilting Thread. In two bright, contrasting colors. Yep! We can't crossover with out it!
  • Needles. Sharps, size 7 and size 10, for the basting and applique.
  • Applique Pins. Keep those layers jiggle-free!
  • Small Fabric Scissors. For that horrendous, but necessary, trimming step.
  • The pouch. Stitchery Crossover in Color supplies can be kept in check at home or remain corralled and ready to go on a road trip in a moment's notice.

That should be practically everything from your kit that you didn't use up for Mia Rosa.

Supplies from the Piazza Kit

If you started your Stitchery Crossover journey with the Piazza Kit you may have a few things left to use up, including:

  • 12-wt Cotton Quilting Thread. Smaller spools than in the Mia Rosa kit, but still plenty for a few more blocks.
  • Needles. One each of the size 7 and 10 sharps and the embroidery needle.

Some items you may want to put on your wish list for future projects:

  • 9" Morgan Hoop. If you like using a hoop, this is a good one because it's grooved and holds the stitchery fabric firmly. It's also made of hard plastic/particulate and won't wear quickly. And the 9" diameter is a good size for Stitchery Crossover in Color blocks, particularly if you're using 28-count evenweave or higher (meaning closer weave).
  • Easy Glide Tapestry Needles, size 24. Nothing wrong with the regular tapestry needles, but these ball-tipped needles are a favorite for many Stitchery Crossover fans.
  • Thread Snips. I like to have a dedicated pair of thread snips for each project.
  • Applique pins. To hold the fabric layers for the Crossover steps. The small pins help to keep your thread from tangling.
  • Small Fabric Scissors. So many great features for these Karen Kay Buckle scissors. My favorite feature: the small blades with a tooth grab the fabric for accurate cutting.
  • The Pouch. Stop digging for your tools! Keep all your Stitchery Crossover goodies in one safe, portable place.

Maybe consider:


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And don't forget:


Next up, we'll create a shopping list for the fabrics and flosses you'll need to make the Stitchery Crossover in Color blocks!